Lytrell Bundy, American Banker famously known as the sister of Chris Brown. We all have heard the name of Chris Brown. He is an American singer, also a songwriter, and additionally a dancer. Let us go through Lytrell Bundy’s life initiating from her early life.

Lytrell Bundy is famously private and has intentionally stayed out of the spotlight compared to her younger brother, who is a well-known musician and celebrity.

Quick Facts
NameLytrell Bundy
Date of Birth26 November 1981
Birth placeTappahannock, Virginia
FatherClinton Brown
MotherJoyce Hawkins
SiblingsChris Brown
Net worthApproximately $1 million
Height5ft 6inch

Lytrell was born in 1981, in Tappahannock, Virginia. The banker was born and brought up at Tappahannock, Virginia. Lytrell is the first child of Joyce Hawkins and Clinton Brown. Joyce and Clinton parted their ways when Chris and Lytrell were still children.

Clinton raised both children and even being a single mother, she fulfilled every wish of Chris and Lytrell. Bundy is elder to Chris. The birth date of Bundy is 26 November 1981. Joyce Hawkins Bundy’s father is a correction officer at Virginia’s local prison whereas Clinton is a director of a daycare center.

Bundy completed her graduation from J.Sargeant Reynolds Community College. Furthermore, she did her master’s from James Madison University.

Lytrell Bundy
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Who is Lytrell Bundy Husband?

Lytrell has intentionally maintained a low profile and hasn’t pursued a career in the entertainment industry like Chris. Not much information is publicly available about her personal life or endeavors as she prefers to keep her life private.

Lytrell Bundy has not shared anything about her husband yet. Lytrell and her husband have one son who was born in 2002. Bundy’s son prefers playing baseball more often. On Lytrell’s Instagram, she usually posts photos of her son.

Is Lytrell  Chris Brown Sister?

Chris Brown’s elder sister Lytrell Bundy and she have a very strong relationship. Lytrell has always supported her brother Chris during his trying times.

Bundy was merely the one who supported Chris during his judicial proceedings at the He was accused by Rihanna of torturing her by striking her and strangling her till she lost consciousness. Lytrell has always said that Chris is well-mannered and values ladies beyond anything else.

Lytrell Bundy
Young Lytrell and Chris bonding together
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What is Lytrell Career?

Lytrell’s career at a bank has been incredibly successful. In addition to her initial example, Lytrell worked with many banks and financial organizations. ILytrell is currently employed at CBE LLC of Virginia as Chief Financial Officer and a mere banker. In addition, Lytrell practices transfusion medicine and works as a medical laboratory scientist.

In addition, Bundy is renowned for leading a modest lifestyle.

What is Lytrell Bundy Net Worth?

Lytrell’s net worth is about approximately $1 million. Lytrell gets her income from her jobs in the biology field and from her various employment too. Lytrell earns enough money as a Chief Financial Officer. Alongside, Lytrell Bundy has a handsome salary from her post of medical laboratory scientist and also transfusion medicine practitioner in Henrico that is located in Virginia.

Lytrell Bundy
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What is Lytrell Bundy Height?

Bundy is currently 40 years old. Lytrell is 5 feet 6 inches tall and she has a weight of 56 kgs. Her physical appearance looks very cute with curly hair.

Large-hearted and well-known for their kindness, Lytrell is known for lending a hand to those in need or giving knowledge. Furthermore, his sense of adventure might agitate others who feel trapped or stagnant. They are always looking for fresh experiences and challenges.

What is Lytrell Bundy Instagram?

Lytrell Bundy maintains a very private life and has not been known to have a public Instagram account. She prefers to stay out of the spotlight than her brother Chris Brown. 

Meanwhile, her brother has a huge fan following and accounts. His Instagram account alone has 145 million followers and about 7665 posts.