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The brother-sister is the second loveliest relation after between the mother and her child. So in our today’s gossip, we are going to read about the brother-sister bond of Chris brown and Lytrell Bundy. Everyone knows about Chris Brown’s life biography, his career, his income, his luxurious lifestyle. But no one knows how a Grammy Award winner Chris Brown shares a Good bond with his Sister Lytrell Bundy.

But before going any further let’s just a short overview about who is Lytrell Bundy exactly? Well, Lytrell Bundy also known as ‘Tootie’, eldest daughter of Joyce Hawkins and Clinton Brown. She was born on the 5th of May, 1989. She is a medical lab scientist by profession and also the aunt of Chris’ two children. Now let’s begin with the loveliest bond of Chris Brown and Lytrell Bundy.

Lytrell Bundy Brother

From the birth of Chris as youngest Lytrell Bundy Brother. The brother and sister shared and still sharing a very close bond with Each other. Although Lytrell did not tell and exposed her private matters publicly Chris always used to share pictures of his dearest sister on his social accounts. Similarly, back in February 2019, Chris posted an old childhood picture of both of them with the caption “BIG SISTER”.

Apart from their love and understanding, both Chris and Lytrell went through a highly publicized domestic violence case back in 2009. It was their stepfather Donelle Hawkins, who used to beat their mom. Their relationship with stepfather Donelle never went well-settled till now. Similarly, talking about the incident, Lytrell always tries to disclosed and defend that her brother ever got angry during their childhood days to now.

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In the same way, Chris got a lot of hate and criticism because of his abusive behavior toward his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. And again she defends her brother saying that “Chris has always been an innocent and good boy since his childhood- never violent”. This clearly proves that how strong and trustworthy bond both brother and sister used to share. Lytrell Bundy Brother ‘Chris Brown’ is indeed very lucky to have Tootie as his elder sister.