Luba Farmiga is the mother of the notable American Actress Vera and Taissa Farmiga. Her eldest daughter Vera Farmiga is known for her roles in movies like “The Conjuring,” and her sister Taissa Farmiga has also gained recognition as an actress.

Beyond her identity as the mother of well-known celebrities, Luba Farmiga is a woman of extensive education and notable accomplishments. Additionally, Luba married her husband Michael, and together they gave birth to seven children. Additional information regarding her educational and professional accomplishments is investigated further in the following sections.

Quick Facts
NameLuba Farmiga
Net WorthN/A
Parents NameNadia and Theodore Spas
Husband NameMykhailo Farmiga
No of ChildrenSeven
Place of BirthLubomyra Spas, Ukraine

What is Luba Farmiga Age?

Luba, originally named Lubomyra “Luba” Spas. Her parents are Theodore and Nadia Spas. Her parents, Nadia and Theodore Spas welcomed her into the world in the late 1940s. Farmiga moved to the United States in 1950 with her parents, who were Ukrainian immigrants, when she was a little child.

They moved to New Jersey, where her father and mother, who were born in Ukraine, now reside. When she first arrived in the United States, she had a big influence on how her surroundings changed. In addition, the celebrity’s mother comes from a mixed ethnic background and can be a dual US and Ukrainian citizen. Presently Now, she’s in her seventies.

Luba studied at Union High School, located in Union, New Jersey. She enrolled in Kean University, Newark State College, in 1967 after graduating from high school. She studied early childhood education and teaching while attending Kean University, earning her bachelor’s degree in that field in 1971.

Luba Farmiga
Luba Farmiga looks simple and elegant (Source: Weekly Magazine)

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What is Luba Farmiga Career?

Luba focused on education during her academic years leading to commence professional journey as a schoolteacher. According to information on her LinkedIn account, she was a Bank Officer at National Westminster Bank for two years.

Furthermore, she has experience working as a receptionist and Medical Records Manager at Whitehouse Station Family Medicine. She identifies as the CEO in her biography, although the specific company name remains undisclosed.

Who are Luba Children?

Luba is the leading figure in a talented and sizable family, which features Four Daughters and three Sons. Farmiga’s children consist of Vera Farmiga, Nadia Farmiga, Taissa Farmiga, and Laryssa Farmiga as her daughters, and Alexander, Victor, and Stephan Farmiga as her sons.

Among Farmiga’s seven children, her daughter Laryssa was born with the congenital condition spina bifida, impacting the baby’s spine. Her actress sister Vera has been responsible for taking care of her.

Luba’s two daughters, Vera and Taissa, have successfully made their mark in the film industry. Moreover, all of the other Farmiga children are flourishing both personally and professionally in their individual lives.

Luba Farmiga
Luba Farmiga seven Children in one Frame (Source: Weekly Magazine)

What is Luba son Alexander Farmiga profession?

Alexander Farmiga is an American actor and director. He has gained recognition for his performances in notable films like ‘The Departed,’ ‘Up in the Air,’ and ‘Source Code.’ Additionally, he has ventured into directing, with credits including ‘The Front Runner and ‘Higher Ground’.

Following his notable roles in several blockbuster films, he proceeded to produce additional movies that further enhanced his growing reputation. Additionally, he is a regular presence in fantasy and romantic comedies.

He recently ventured into the drama thriller genre for the first time, earning praise from both his director and the entire crew for his performance.

What is Luba Farmiga Net Worth?

Luba places a significant emphasis on her professional pursuits. She is often driven by ambition, dedication, and a strong work ethic. She is consistently looking for chances to expand and enhance her personal and professional development.

Luba likely accumulated a substantial income from her various professions. Yet, there is no official record of her net worth being calculated.

Is Luba active on Instagram?

Luba does not have an official presence or activity on Instagram. She abstains from using any social media, unlike her daughters who enjoy significant popularity on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Despite not actively participating on the internet, there are numerous online photos featuring Luba alongside her children.

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