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Being the husband of famous adult movie star Jenna Jameson, Lior Bitton Net Worth and his popularity splendidly increased together. His wife is one of the most searched personalities related to the adult movie industry. However, Lior is a businessman and a prominent importer and exporter of gems and diamonds.

Born on the 23rd of December 1973 in Herzliya, Israel, the man also served as a loyal soldier in Israel Defense Forces for years. After he retired from the Army, his father and mother pushed him to work together in the business industry. Later, he founded Pacific Diamonds and Gems, which turned his business into absolute money showering machine.

However, as every man needs and wishes, Lior Bitton found his love in a successful and most beautiful adult film star, Jenna Jameson. They began dating in 2015, and after dating for some months, they exchanged their wedding vows. The man got immense recognition after their relationship became public. Currently, Bitton has gathered a massively accumulated fortune and fame, which we will learn below.

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What is Lior Bitton Net Worth?

We could say he is excellent for a multitalented person like Lior, who handles both his business and family without any complaints. He started his business just after he retired from the Israeli Army, and now his company “Pacific Diamonds and Gems” is worth hundreds of millions.

Lior Bitton has accumulated a staggering net worth of more than $6 million as 2022. Previously when he founded and in his initial stage of business, the man had only $3 million of net worth. In addition, Bitton has been a part of several endeavors, share markets, and smaller businesses.

His company, Diamond and Gems, used to sell different types of diamonds, rings, and other kinds of jewelry. In addition, the man also extended his business to luxury fashion, designers watches, and bags. In addition, he usually receives around to 1 per Instagram post. (

Furthermore, Lior is currently spending luxurious life in his million-dollar house in Beverly Hills, California. Similarly, his other properties include a Hollywood Hills property worth around $1.8 million. He also bought a home for approximately $2.7 million in 2010.

Does Lior Bitton shares his Wealth with his Wife?

Yes, Lior does share it. Bitton’s wife, Jenna Jameson, has an estimated Net Worth of over $10 million. And together with her, the man has created a collection of the most loved and famous luxurious cars worth millions of dollars. He owns a Lamborghini Murcielago, BMW M5, Mercedes Benz S Class, Range Rover, etc.

Although there are no reports on his tax payments, he was sent to prison for his false information of the diamond theft. After release from prison, the man lives a peaceful life with his wife and daughter, Batel Lu.

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