The well-known American singer and songwriter Jerry Lee Lewis ex-wife is Kerrie McCarver. She was married to another man before marrying Jerry. Jerry and Kerrie dated for a while before becoming legally married in 1984.

She is the sixth of J. Lee Lewis’ seven spouses. Lewis is a well-known singer and pianist. In 1984, she married the singer, and they had a kid together.  They decided to divorce one another after nearly 20 years of marriage. The marriage ultimately ended their relationship in 2005.

Quick Facts
Full Name Kerrie McCarver
Birth Date December 31, 1962
Birth Place United States
Husband Jerry Lee Lewis (Divorced)
Kids 1
Net Worth $15 million of Jerry Lee Lewis
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Kerrie McCarver
Young Kerrie

How old is Kerrie McCarver?

Kerrie McCarver was born in the US on December 31, 1962. By 2022, she is 59 years old and has not celebrated her birthday this year. She is a Capricorn since was born in December. Kerrie is Caucasian and is originally from America. She also follows Christianity.

In the media, very little is known about her parents. There are no specifics available regarding what she studies. The media has not yet gathered a lot of information on her because she stole the limelight after her romance with Lewis.

How did Kerrie start her Career?

When describing Kerrie’s job, she makes no mention of it on her own. She gained notoriety after getting married to Jerry Lee Lewis. Kerrie might be putting in a lot of effort to get away from the media regarding her personal information. Her career is unclear due to her secretive nature.

While performing in nightclubs, her ex-husband Jerry Lee Lewis began making recordings in 1954. He started performing solo for numerous events in 1956 after a successful audition. He had a number of singles and hits during this time, including Great Fire Balls, Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On, and others. Later he was well-known for his live piano performances.

Is Kerrie McCarver Jerry Lee Lewis’s 6th Wife?

In 1984, Kerrie McCarver Lewis became the sixth wife of American singer Jerry Lee Lewis. Following a four-month romance, the pair got married on April 24, 1984, having first met in December 1983 after the death of his fifth wife. At the time, Kerrie was twenty-one years old. Kerrie had assured him that it would work, and Jerry thought their connection was fantastic.

Kerrie McCarver
Post-wedding picture of Jerry and Kerrie

Jerry believed that, after five failed marriages, he had finally found the right woman. She was his pillar of support during his jet skiing leg injuries, stomach ulcer surgery, and leg fracture. According to Kerrie, the situation for Jews was terrible. She was Lewis’s genie in a bottle and a very devoted wife. She was really supportive of Jerry during his hard time.

Did Jerry and Kerrie divorce each other?

Sadly, the couple ended up getting divorced after spending 21 years together and having a son together. Jerry had to experience a failed marriage yet again. Many fans were extremely sad by the news of their divorce. After this divorce, Jerry didn’t stop and was married for the seventh time.

Is McCarver active on social media?

McCarver cherishes her privacy greatly and is not very active on social media. She still hasn’t told the media what she is doing after the divorce. She was not highly active on social media but was very participative in interviews. The media has a lot of research to conduct in order to learn more about Kerrie.

What is Kerrie McCarver net worth?

There is no other way to identify Kerrie McCarver besides Jerry Lee Lewis’ ex-wife. Because we are unsure of her line of work, it is difficult to determine her net worth. Kerrie leads a straightforward, low-key life. Jerry Lee Lewis, on the other hand, makes over $15 million.

Kerrie McCarver
Jerry performing live for his fans

What is Kerrie McCarver height?

Although Kerrie has not disclosed her height or weight to the media, some outlets have estimated her height to be 5 feet 5 inches based on images of her with Jerry. She has gorgeous brown eyes and blonde hair. She has a well-kept figure and appears healthy. Kerrie is about sixty years old, therefore it makes sense that she has wrinkles.

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