In 1968, Kendu Isaacs was a popular American media star and record producer. There are chances that you might know him because of his ex-wife Mary J.Blige. However, if you think that Kendu Isaacs Net Worth was all from his ex-wife, then you’re probably mistaken. We all should admit that Kendu Isaacs was still famous before he married Mary. He is the President of german based artist management company. Previously, he worked there as a manager but later moved to the post of President. CEOs and presidents of any company are the highest-paid workers. So, do you think he earns more than his wife? Let us find out!

Kendu Isaacs is the 2nd son of an African American father and mother. He was born in Los angles California. Being born in a poor family, Kendu suffered many anxiety attacks. At 24, he became an alcoholic and drug addict person. Even though he came out clean after three years of counseling and rehab, he still thinks of his childhood as the major cause behind his terrible past life. “You will find diamonds in the worst place possible” is the famous quote that exhibits Kendu’s life. Even though he was a drug abuser, he always supported artists through his business mindset.

Kendu Issacs Net Worth
Kendu Issacs Solo Picture Via Instagram

Selling drugs to popular artists allowed him to better connect with bigger artists. Eventually, he became assigned to manage different artists under his name. Being an Extrovert with amazing business skills later helped him become the President of the same label.

Kendu Issacs Net Worth Hits Million!

His net worth is calculated around $4.5 Million and his salary is $37,500. He earns his wealth by managing different artists. Before his divorce from Mary, he also earned a lot of money by managing his former wife. He worked in the same artist label with his wife named Matriach Entertainment.

They both used to share the number of funds Mary used to collect through her songs revenue. Moreover, he also used to collect the money from her tours and travel. Because he was her manager, transactions were something only handled by him. And having his wife as his primary client always gave him the first hand in the job.

Kendu Issacs Net Worth
Kendu Issacs with his wife Via NY Daily News

Compensation to  Mary J. Blige

However, the happiness didn’t last forever. Kendu was violently divorced from his wife. Rumor has it, and they were indulged in a physical battle when his wife, Mary, found out that he was cheating. Kendu was rumored to be cheating on Mary with his assistant.

Well, it is common for any big personality to have an assistant. It helps them to clear out works a little bit faster. However, it is uncommon for anyone to have an alleged relationship with their assistant. Kendu was caught under fire for dating his assistant. His actions harmed him when he was confiscated his wealth as a part of divorce compensation.

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Why did Kendy Issacs manage Mary J.Blige?

Kendu had the proper skills required to become a good manager. He was confident, knew how to talk business, and was romantically interested in Mary J.Blige. Well, if this doesn’t prove why? We don’t have the answer. Mary shared in an interview that she had been attracted to his persona. And having your husband as a manager reduces a lot of issues.

Mary said that she could trust him over anything related to her business. The couple later married in 2003, and Kendu immediately took over managing his wife, Mary. However, it was the year of let in 2018, when he was found guilty of cheating on his wife. Hence, their marriage ended with divorce in 2018.

Kendu Issacs Net Worth
Kendu Issacs and his wife Via Cheat Sheet

So, what do you think? Did he make enough money from his wife, or did he earn himself? Even though he was in a good post managing different artists. He did make quite a huge amount of money. If you see in a way, he also managed his former wife as with any other manager. He took his share while managing her too. So, we think that Kendu Isaacs entirely made his Net Worth. He did get help due to his wife’s popularity but not long.

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