Kathleen Zellner is a popular American defense attorney who focuses extensively on different wrongful convictions. She is known for her confident remarks about her client’s safety. Kathleen is seen working on harder cases that have changed her life in different ways. One of her major cases lies in a murder case that allowed her to be more popular than her current job as a defense attorney.

Even though there is a huge difference between a lawyer and an attorney, she makes sure her actions favor both sides. An attorney is a person who has practiced law after working in court from the inside out. Similarly, Kathleen Zellner seems to know everything about her statements, as she is well-known for court decisions. So, how is she leading the case for her client? Let us learn from her biography!

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Quick Facts
Full Name Kathleen Zellner
Date of Birth 7 May 1949
Birthplace Midland, Texas, US
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Relationship Married to Robert Zellner
Net worth $10 Million
Height 1.72m
Weight 60kg.
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Siblings None
Children None
Hair Color Brown
Eye color Brown

Kathleen Zellner
Kathleen Zellner posing Via Instagram

What is the Age of Kathleen Zellner?

As of 2024, her age is around 75 years old. She was born on May 7th, 1949, in Midland, Texas, USA. She was born to a Catholic father and mother. Kathleen is the second oldest daughter out of her seven siblings. Besides, her parents’ names are Winifred Thomas and Owen Danel Thomas. Her father was a popular geologist, and her mother was a lab chemist.

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At what age did Kathleen Zellner get plastic surgery?

Kathleen Zellner hasn’t had any facial surgery yet. Her face has been fairly symmetrical since her birth. However, even though she had different surgeries related to her appendix and minor issues, she invested in plastic surgery.

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Did Kathleen Zellner have any prior education before fighting for Steven Avery?

She is a well-educated attorney. Even though she has completed her primary education from her Texas schools, she seems to have taken her bachelor’s education from Concordia University in BA. Moreover, she also attended her JD education at Northern Illinois University. So, she had quite an education before taking on the case of Steven Avery.

Was Zellner assigned as the authority of illness for a cancer patient?

She has fought over 50 cases related to murder and faked illness. On her website, she has revealed that she fought for a wrongful death caused by a 26-year-old. She expressed that the client had third-stage cancer, which later evolved into fourth, leading to her death. (fiberclean.com) Nevertheless, she fought the case and won over $1 million as compensation for the family.

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Kathleen Zellner
Kathleen Zellner with her clients Via Instagram

At what age did Zellner represent the plane crash accident case?

As of 2024, her age is around 75 years old. She has not attended any cases related to a plane crash. Her most famous case is around Steven Avery. Even though she has turned over 20 convicts wrong per their crimes,. Steven is a pretty hard case for her. She took the attorney after releasing the crime documentary Making a Murder in 2015, related to a crime that Steven Avery did not commit.

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Is Kathleen Zellner Married?

She is the wife of Robert Zellner. Her husband is a civil rights activist and member of the student non-violent coordinating committee. Alongside Robert, Kathleen Zellner forms a strong justice family together. They have been married since 1970 and will soon be celebrating their 52nd anniversary in 2022. However, they don’t have any children together, and it seems as if they are not planning to have anyone soon.

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Is Kathleen Instagram Active?

She uses almost all social media to promote her goodwill. Her most popular are Twitter and Instagram. Her Twitter account is @ZellnerLaw, and her Instagram account is @kzellnerlaw. She has a notable number of followers on both accounts. In addition, Kathleen often shares about her cases and her lifestyle on her social media accounts.

What is Kathleen Zellner Net Worth?

Her net worth is around $10 million. She earns her wealth by fighting different cases and winning compensation. Moreover, she has won most attorney cases, including the Cancer III case, the Por Bono case, and others. Her works often surround murder and wrongful convict cases. She has won almost all cases except Steve Avery. Her case fight for Steve Avery is still going on, and she is working hard to give justice to him.

Kathleen Zellner
Kathleen Zellner was featured in the magazine via Instagram.

What is the Height of Kathleen?

Today, her height is around 1.72m, and her weight is around 60kg. She seems to have brown eyes and brown hair. She is a very confined individual, and her zodiac signs tell about the same thing. For example, her zodiac sign is Taurus.

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