Kai Morae is the daughter of the famous actress and fashion designer Lisa Raye McCoy. Morae is a plus-size fashion model. While being a model, she is also enjoying motherhood. She is a mother to a beautiful five years old baby girl. “Who is Kai Morae baby father?” is a frequent question. Today we take you on a journey to find the answers to this question.

The model does not put her whole life on display. She keeps certain parts of her life private. Even on her social media, she does not post frequently. Her past posts are also easily reachable on Instagram. Let’s see if the viewers get a peek at her dating life.

Who is Kai Morae baby father?

Kai Morae has been cherishing motherhood for five years now. She is the mother of baby Bella Rae. Her social media is also full of posts with her baby girl. However, Morae has not revealed her baby father yet. She has not even disclosed a name yet. Moreover, rumors suggest her former boyfriend Joel could be the baby’s father.

However, a solid name is not out in public. There are speculations only. Morae’s mother threw a private grand baby shower at the time. Morae was getting close with a mystery man at the event. Additionally, Morae has kept her baby father a secret. Hence, she showcases single motherhood.

Is Kai Morae married?

The plus model is not a married woman. Moreover, she has never been married to date. Additionally, she is neither engaged. There were rumors that Kai was about to marry her long-time former boyfriend, Joel. However, this news was never verified by anyone. So it is a hit-in-dark about marriage speculation.

Kai Morae always avoids the questions regarding her marriage. Whenever such questions come her way, she avoids them politely. Also, she seems to be enjoying life with her daughter on her social media. She never attends any functions with a possible date. Therefore, it is clear that a wedding or a husband is not in her head.

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Is Kai Morae dating anyone?

Kai Morae was in a relationship with Joel in 2011. The patrons were in a live-in relationship. They both attended Kai’s baby shower as well. After the split with Joel, Morae kept her love life very private. There are no posts with any possible flings on her social media. Furthermore, even when she announced her pregnancy, she did not mention the baby’s father.

She frequently photoshoots with her mother and grandmother but never with a fling. Many interviewers ask her times and again about her dating life, but she always laughs it off. She is never out with any guy that could run rumors about her love life. Furthermore, Kai never talks about any such thing. Times and again, she directly denies dating rumors. She maintains a low profile life regarding her dating part of life.

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