John Hansbury is 65 years old and the chairperson of the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance board. He comes to the public eye because he is a former attorney. And at present, he is a part of the board of directors of OCRA. In addition to that, he is a famous personality because of his late wife. He was previously in a marital bond with late actress Madeline Kahn. After decades of being together, Hansbury and Hollywood’s fame became man and wife. But, unfortunately, the actress took her last breath just after two months of marriage. Therefore John Hansbury Marriage has always been into rumors.

After losing his beloved wife to cancer, he lived in isolation and grief. But, someone crossed his path, and the woman even helped him believe that it was okay to move on. Sharing the love with someone else was a challenge. But, Mr. Hansbury did it and is a man with a band on his finger. Hence, John Hansbury Marriage is a famous talk of the town. But, his life after his ex-wife has changed in different manners. What about his daughter? He does not have children from his late wife. However, is he a father to a daughter from his current partner?

Who Is John Hansbury Wife Now?

John Hansbury has a beautiful history of romance with his late wife. But the way he moved on from decades of his love for the late actress is heart-touching. He tied the bond of marriage with Carisa Jackson. The couple did a very private wedding at a restaurant, “Bill’s Food and Drinks,” in 2016. Carisa Jackson is a 48 years old Investment Advisor in New York. She is an independent and beautiful woman.

Second Marriage Became A Blissful!!

Life after a decade of romance and two years of marriage was hard for Mr. Hansbury. But, an independent woman Madeline Kahn walked into his life, and everything seemed to change. Finally, he realized the love and asked her to be his wife. Ever since they tied the bond, life changed drastically for Mr. Hansbury. The grief was there but not as an abundant part of his life. Instead, he started to feel the grass getting green under him.

Moreover, the couple has a beautiful life now. The marriage is in good hands, and the couple is putting everything to make it this way. Every time they are out, they seem happy and so in love. Their marriage makes people want to give it a second try. The way they attend charities and support each other on different occasions is a treat to the eye. Hence, it is safe to say that John Hansbury’s marriage life is beautiful.

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Who Is John Hansbury Daughter?

John does not have children from his late wife, Madeline Kahn. Although he has been married to Carisa Jackson since 2016, they do not have a child yet. Likewise, Mr. Hansbury does not have a daughter. So either, they are not looking forward to having a child. Or they are deciding on the way to start a family. A source once spread the rumor that the Hansbury couple is looking for a surrogate.

It might be actual news as John Hansbury once visited an orphanage with his wife. There is a possibility of the couple adopting a child as well. The happy family would be more satisfied with the arrival of children. Moreover, Mr. Hansbury, once in a charity function, gave an interview stating that he dreams of having a daughter someday. As of now, he does not have any children.

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