Janet Paschal is a powerful American gospel singer and songwriter. She is known for her popular works on I am not ashamed, Written in Red, and God Will Take Me Away. Her iconic works always seem to have an optimistic message behind them. She has been nominated for several awards shows, like Grammys and Dove. However, she is the owner of several fan awards. Her work and her ethics can be seen in all of her tracks.

She was always singing and acting from an early age. She is well known successful singer of the 2000s era of music. Her fans widely appreciate her way of singing huge songs. Most of her songs are recorded live and portray a holistic music concept. So, what happened to the bigger-than-life gospel singer and songwriter? Why did she stop releasing music? Let us find out together.

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Quick Facts
Full NameJanet Paschal
Date of Birth18th October 1956
BirthplaceReidsville, North Carolina, USA
RelationshipMarried to John Lanier
Net worth400k
Height5 feet and 7 inches
Weight 70kg
Siblings1 brother
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye colorGrey
Janet Paschal
Janet Paschal is still beautiful Via Instagram

How old is Janet Paschal?

As of 2024, her age is around 68 years. On October 18, 1956, in Reidsville, North Carolina, USA. Since she was born in America, her nationality is American, and her ethnicity is Caucasian. Being from a Catholic family, she learned to sing from her father and her brother. However, she has not shared fully about her parents and siblings with the media.

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Where did She complete her Education?

She seems to have completed her primary and secondary studies at her nearby hometown schools. Janet has a bachelor’s degree in commerce-related studies. Similarly,  all of her academic qualifications are more inclined towards a financial background. Moreover, even after her popularity, she didn’t stop her studies. She graduated with her master’s degree in accounting from North Carolina University.

How did Janet start her singing career?

Janet’s first inspiration behind her music was her brother and dad. They both used to sing with bluegrass instruments and around churches. Eventually, she felt every emotion in the songs that they sang. Since the songs were all related to an optimistic mindset and promoted their culture, several churches invited her to perform her songs. Later, different record labels, like Vine and Maplesong Music, approached her. She was approached to record her songs on different CDs. Simultaneously, she started her singing career with the help of the label.

Janet Paschal
Janet Paschal in the Gospel Hall of Fame via Instagram

When did Janet Paschel’s wedding take place with her Husband?

Janet Paschel’s marriage was conducted in 1990, and her husband is an American pilot, John Lanier. She has shared that her love story is identical to a typical movie plot. As we all know, Janet Paschal was a popular gospel singer of her time. So, she regularly traveled to different parts of the states from time to time.

Whether for a recording session or a concert, she traveled to different parts of the country. While traveling, her eyes met with none other than Pilot John Lanier. So, she started to attend the only flights he was flying. Eventually, they started dating and ended up marrying in 1999. However, both couples don’t have any children yet.

Does Janet Paschel have any children?

Currently, the 68-year-old gospel singer is not in a state of giving birth. Maybe, due to her cancer, she decided not to have any children. She was worried that the child might have the syndrome too. So, as of 2024, both her husband and herself have decided not to have any children at the moment. Does she want kids? Well, in an interview, she stated that she loves to have a child and is looking for early adoption.

Is Janet Paschal dead?

Janet Paschal is not dead yet. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. Janet has been receiving regular treatments for the disease and is still alive. If you know God will make a way, you know that she keeps her faith in even one single hope of life. So, she is not giving up anytime soon.

What is Janet Paschal Net Worth?

Janet Paschal is a successful gospel singer of the 2000s. Even though she was doing extremely well for herself, she had to stop all her singing activities and take a long break due to her cancer after doing music for over ten years. So, she decided to take a long hiatus in 2005.

The exact date when she announced her having breast cancer. Even though we have not seen her perform since 2005, she still makes a good amount of money through her royalties from the songs that she sings. So, the 68-year-old singer’s net worth is calculated at around $400k.

Janet Paschal
Janet Paschal singing I am not ashamed of gospel Via YouTube

Does Janet use Instagram?

She uses Instagram with the username @janetandfriends. Her Instagram feed consists of very optimistic pictures of her and her family. In addition, she is seen sharing different pictures of different charity activities. Recently, she has shared pictures of her graduating from her master’s. Suppose you want to know more about her life and what she is doing. Then, we suggest you follow her Instagram with the username @janetandfriends.

What is the height of Janet Paschal?

Her height is around 5 feet and 7 inches, and she weighs around 70kg. Minding her age and disease condition, her body is quite fit. Janet has blonde hair with grey eyes, and her appearance has not changed since her birth. She has only become more beautiful each day ahead. She seems to have outgrown her hair, meaning she has stopped taking chemotherapy.

Who is Janet Paschal First Husband?

Janet Paschal is married, and her first husband is John Lanier. John is a commercial airline pilot, and some rumors claim Janet first met John when she was on the plane that he was flying. But both of them did not say anything about the rumor. Thus, the internet does not know where and when these two met and fell in love.

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