Janet Condra is famous for being the first wife of Larry Bird(@LarryBirdDaily). They married in 1975. However, their marriage lasted for only a year. Larry is an American former professional basketball player. And also a coach and executive in the NBA. He goes by the nickname “The hick from the French Lick” and “Larry Legend”. He is also famous as a Boston Celtics Superstar.

Quick info
Birth Place Indiana, USA
Relationship StatusSingle
MarriageLarry Bird
ChildrenCorrie Bird

What is Janet Condra Age?

Condra’s accurate birthday is not known to public records. However, she was born in Indiana, USA. She meets her former husband at Spring Valley High School. She fell in love with Larry in high school. In the meantime, Larry was one of the all-time leading scorers for basketball. The couple was also a classmate. Janet’s early age was pretty and regular as an American high school girl.

When Did Janet Condra Marry Larry Bird?

Janet Condra’s life before he met Larry was pretty simple. She completed her high school at Spring Valley High School in Indiana. There she met Larry, and they both fell in love because of this. It makes them high school sweethearts. Their marriage was in 1975, but it didn’t last for more than a year. They separated on 31 October 1976. Soon after the divorce, Janet gave birth to a girl named Corrie Bird.

Since she was a single mother, it was hard for her to raise the baby alone. Larry never acknowledges his daughter Corrie in a loving way, which makes Janet very upset. She once said ” She can protect Corrie from any hurt but not from the hurt given by her father” After raising a child alone by herself, she became much stronger and committed.

Janet Condra
image source : famousfix.com

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What is Janet Condra Present Relationship Status?

As said earlier, her Ex-husband was a famous basketball player and coach. Larry was born on 7th December 1956 in West Baden Springs, Indiana, United States. Her previous relationship and dating information are unknown. She is currently single. Janet was married in 1975 but got divorced in 1976. The exact reason for the couple getting divorced is not known. There is a lack of information on why they were separated.

How Many Children Does Janet Condra Have?

Janet Condra and Larry have a single daughter named, Corrie. She was born on 14th August 1977. She is currently 44 years old. Corrie had a single mom and was raised by her. Janet tried to make a good relationship with his biological father, Larry, but he never showed love towards his daughter. There was a huge emotional gap between Larry and Corrie which eventually led to an emotional breakdown in Janet.

Janet Condra
Image Credits: eCelebrityMirror

What is Janet Condra Net Worth?

The net worth of Janet is unknown. There are no records of how much did she make annually. Her Ex-husband’s net worth is around $45M. But, her net worth is unknown. Also, there is no information regarding the compensation money she got in the divorce.

What are Janet’s Physical Stats?

Janet Condra is of American nationality, and her ethnicity is white. Her body is of average build. However, she has brown-dark eye color and blond hair. Her nature is sweet and kind. She is also a courageous and strong woman. She raises her daughter alone although, is a single woman.

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