Tyron is an astounding Canadian actor who was spotlighted in the media after his appearance in movies and TV Series like Family for Christmas, Being Erica, My Boyfriend’s Dog, To love and die, etc. Along the way to becoming an actor, he has to face many obstacles or get involved in controversies, such as Is Tyron Leitso gay? Who is His Spouse, and more.

Tyron is a dazzling actor who landed on this planet on 7 January 1976 in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Apart from this, he is evergreen in the limelight for his work, and fans love him very much. They really look interested in his personal life and his partner. Stick to this article to learn more about Tyron’s sexuality and partner.

Who is Tyron Leitso Wife? Is He Married Yet? Learn About His Partner

Tyron Leitso Gay
Tryon, a Canadian actor

Is Tyron Leitso gay? 

Many fans are curious as to whether Tyron Leitso is gay or not because of his personality. The media always surround Tyron, and he struggles to deal with them because of the overwhelming number of controversies. He believes he does not have to respond to every question the media asks. He doesn’t prefer to respond to the media regarding his sexuality. 

Even though a lot of people believe Leitso is gay, the media is very confident that he is straight. He is not gay, according to numerous sources. Leitso, on the other hand, has not mentioned his sexual preference. He is possibly open to dating and is more career-focused as of now. He does not really like to disclose his personal information to the public.

Tyron Leitso Gay
Tryon on set

How was Tyron Relationship on the set of Family for Christmas?

The 2015 holiday season saw the release of the film Family for Christmas. It was such a hit and grabbed a lot of attention until a long time. Tryon played Ben Matthews on the set and had a romantic relationship with the stunning Lacey Chabert. Lacey played Hanna Dunbar in the movie. They were together behind the scenes and during the movie’s promotions too.

Tyron Leitso Gay
Tryon and Lacey on set

 Lacey is very famous for the 2004 film Mean Girls. She is also famous for doing an amazing job in movies and TV Shows like The crossword Mysteries, Young Justice, Sweet Carolina, etc. Tryon and Lacey were very much loved on the set and were rumored to have dated each other. But there is no concrete evidence supporting this news. They might have dated each other long ago, but there is no information about that on the internet.

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