Being too handsome and talented sometimes creates a lot of difficulties. People start judging your real character by your on-screen appearance or roles. Well, Nicholas Galitzine has faced some similar allegations, saying Nicholas Galitzine is Gay and his sexuality is homosexual.

But no one exactly found anything about his actual sexual orientation. Thus, we are here to give you a total insight into his personal life, along with his love life. Nicholas Galitzine is a highly sought-after and talented English actor with superhits like Prince Robert in Cinderella, Johnnie Blackwell in High Strung, and Conor Masters in Handsome Devil.

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Nicholas Galitzine Gay
English Actor And Model Nicholas Galitzine (source: Weekly Magazine)

The British actor made his acting debut in 2014. Nicholas Galitzine played an impressive role as Tom in his first film, The Beat Beneath My Feet. Later, the handsome 30-year-old actor will appear as Timmy in the horror-fantasy film The Craft: Legacy.

Is Nicholas Galitzine gay in real life?

Nicholas Galitzine has shown no sign of being gay in real life. Although the English actor never came up in the media, highlighting all the rumors and allegations about his sexual orientation, he has also made no indication of his LGBT identity. Nicholas has portrayed gay roles in his two movies, “Handsome Devil” and “The Craft Legacy.”.

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In the 2016 drama movie ‘Handsome Devil’, Galitzine flawlessly fits and justifies his gay character, Conor Masters. He appeared to be a young child, bullied, and homophobic. Furthermore, in “Craft Legacy, Nicholas is shown as a young man who is extremely supportive of the LGBTQ+ community.

Nicholas Galitzine Gay
Nicholas Galitzine with actress Sofia Carson (Source: Instagram)

The points noted about the English actor’s character are that he is extremely versatile and easily adaptable. As an actor, he has to present himself as a natural actor who perfectly fits into the character he should have played. Well, to conclude, Nicholas Galitzine is not gay but a straight young man. Fans questioned his sexuality because of his clean-shaven and clear-faced appearance.

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Does Nicholas have several dating rumors?

Despite being super handsome, fit, tall, and talented, Nicholas Galitzine is still single and has not found a soulmate in his life. However, there are several dating rumors about his co-stars and singers. Previously, Nicholas was rumored to have had a romantic relationship with co-star Lilli Kay on the sets of the TV series ‘Chambers’.

But the fire soon came to an end as no one talked, accepted, or denied the rumors. Later on, Nicholas found great chemistry with singer and co-actress Camila Cabello. There are still many pictures on the internet and on his social media, which creates doubt about his dating rumors.

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Nicholas Galitzine Gay
Nicholas Galitzine and Camila Cabello (Source: Instagram)

Both Nicholas and Camila shared their screen of ‘Cinderella’ in 2021. He appeared as Prince Robert, obsessed with his love for Cinderella. Well, despite being private about his personal life, the actor openly accepts his close friendship with actress Gideon Adlon. Many fans also wish to see both friends tie in a happily married life.

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