Imani Duckett is the celebrity daughter of famous American singer and songwriter Jasmine Guy. Being enlightened by the spotlight of your parents is one of the biggest blessings on Earth. The same thing can be said of Imani, as she is the daughter of famous American celebrities Jasmine and Terrence. Even though people mainly know her because of her association with her parents. 

However, today we will reveal much more than her stardom life and other details. We will explain different information regarding her education, career, relationship, and others. We will try to show a different point of view about her life and formulate a pattern for her life from the publicly available information.

Quick Facts
NameImani Duckett
Age23 years old
Date of Birth28th of March 1999
Place of BirthUSA
EthnicityAfrican American
FatherWilliam Guy
MotherJaye Rudolph
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye colorDark Brown
Height5 feet and six inches
Weight52 kilograms
Net WorthUnknown

Imani Duckett
Imani Duckett with Mother Via Getty

What is Imani Duckett Age?

Imani Duckett is around 23 years old. Imani Was born on the 28th of March, 1999, in the United States of America. Since Imani was born on American soil, her nationality and ethnicity are African American. As we said above, she is the daughter of famous celebrity Jasmine Guy and Terrence Duckett. Order then that, she is the granddaughter of Jaye Rudolph and William Guy.

Where did Imani receive her education?

Any details regarding her hometown are not mentioned anywhere on any part of the Internet. Hence, It is hard to assume where she went for her formal education. As far as we can imagine, she might have finished her primary and secondary education at her local schools and colleges.

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Is Imani Duckett famous because of Jasmine Guy?

In some ways or another, you can indeed say that she is famous because of her association with her parents. However, she is renowned for her TV movie and other tv shows. If you go to her IMDb profile, you can see that she has worked in a movie named Open as the character Luna in around 2020. Other than that, she has also worked by herself in a popular unsung Hollywood documentary TV show.

Imani Duckett
Imani Duckett with her mother Via Instagram

Does Imani Duckett have any boyfriends?

Since she is a celebrity daughter, everyone wants to know about her relationship status. However, we researched through different Internet articles and learned that she is currently single. We certainly don’t know if that particular information is accurate or if she is very good at hiding details regarding her relationship. However, we hope she soon reveals any details regarding her relationship, whether true or not. 

Does Imani have any social media accounts?

If you search her name on Google, you will not find anything regarding her social media accounts. When we researched her social media accounts a little bit deeper, we realized she has one. Right now, it seems she is available on Instagram under the user’s name Imani.guy.D. If you want to follow and learn more about her life, it is best you can follow her on Instagram.

Imani Duckett
Imani Duckett Via IMDb

What is Imani Duckett Net Worth?

We don’t know many details regarding her income sources because of her minimal interaction with the media. We know that she is currently actively studying at a university and has not included herself in any financial gains. Previously she was seen working in different television movies; however, after 2020, that seems to be on stop as well. So right now, it is tough to learn anything regarding her net worth when we don’t know anything regarding her financial gains. 

What is Imani Duckett Height?

While researching, we learned that her height is around 5 feet and six inches, followed by her body weight is approximately 52 kilograms at the moment. She resembles the typical facial structure of any African woman in America, with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. As of now, she is completely healthy and is not suffering from any minor or major health complications. Finally, her Zodiac sign is Aries. 

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