When your son is a famous British actor, you as a father would be very proud. We here at legend peeps love to talk more about the family members of different celebrities. Hence, on the way to talking more about Nicholas Galitzine, we will learn about Geoffrey Galitzine. Geoffrey Galitzine is the father of the British actor Nicholas. If you guys are still unaware, Nicholas Galitzine is famous for his works in movies like Devil and Cinderella.

Even though his son is quite famous all over the world. People still don’t have enough information regarding his parents. One of the primary reasons why people don’t know about his parents is that he has shared significantly less information regarding them. His Wikipedia also doesn’t share the name of his parents directly. Nevertheless, today we have decided to cover more about the life of Geoffrey Galitzine through his biography!

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Quick Facts
NameGeoffrey Galitzine
Age60 years old
Date of BirthUnknown
Place of BirthRussia
RelationshipMarried to Lora
Hair ColorGrey
Eye colorBlue
Height6 feet and 2 inches
Net WorthApprox. $2 Million
Geoffrey Galitzine
Geoffrey Galitzine with his son Via Instagram

What is the age of Geoffrey Galitzine?

As of now, it seems that he is around the age of 60 years old. Due to a lack of information, we were unable to track down the date and year of Geoffrey Galitzine’s birthdate. Nevertheless, even though his son is of British nationality.

It seems that he is of the Russian race instead. He was born in Russia but was later brought up in England as a Refuges from that Red Terror. Sadly, we could not find any details regarding his parents and siblings.

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Where did Geoffrey Galitzine receive his education?

As far as his academic details are concerned, we could not find concrete evidence of where and what he attended. We also don’t know at what age he was raised in England. However, it seems that he was an inseparable part of what is known as the House of Golitsyn.

The House of Golitsyn is a ground of people with higher individuals like Sargent, General, and other administrative employees. So, it seems that he was pretty educated, but we still don’t know what and how much.

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How long did Geoffrey Galitzine work under the House of Golitsyn?

Geoffrey Galitzine is a very private person. Even though his son touched the sky with his work and is now one of the celebrities of all time. He never went out in public to let people know about his life. Due to this and other details, we could not find any information regarding his current state as a member of the House of Golitsyn. As far as we know, it seems that he is still a member of that group.

Geoffrey Galitzine
Geoffrey Galitzine with his son and wife Via Instagram

Did Geoffrey Galitzine reveal anything about his wife?

As we said above, he is a sort of private person and doesn’t reveal much more about his life and other details. We only learn more about him through his son’s pictures. However, through the fact of his son’s biography. We came to know that he is married to his wife and Lora.

Ethnically, her wife is of Greek-American descent and knows more about his business. Through their times, they shared an incredible bond with each and even had a total of 2 children; Nicholas Galitzine and Lexi Galitzine.

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Does Geoffrey Galitzine have any social media accounts?

As of now, it seems that no evidence points out that he has any social media account at the moment. The only way we see him in photos is through the pictures on his son’s social media account. Hence, if you want to see and learn more about him occasionally. We highly suggest you follow his son’s Instagram instead. We particularly said Instagram because that’s where he only posts photos that much.

Geoffrey Galitzine
Geoffrey Galitzine and his daughter and wife Via Instagram

What is the net worth of Geoffrey Galitzine?

Well, we mainly don’t know the details of whether or not he has a job. As far as we know, it seems that his primary source of income comes through Investment. Hence, in a way or two, we can say that he is a successful investor.

Due to a lack of information regarding his income, we could not calculate his net worth. Still, if we have to assume, he would be making around $2 million through his Investment. However, these details are yet to be verified.

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What is the height of Geoffrey Galitzine?

If we are talking about his height, then let us tell you that he is taller than his son. He has those Russian genes that make up his height to be around 6 feet 2 inches and his body weight to be about 78kgs. Facially, he resembles a typical Russian face with bluish eyes and currently grey hair.

Due to a lack of regarding his current well-being, we certainly don’t know about his current health condition. Similarly, we also don’t know about his zodiac sign. However, his son is a Libra and we think an evil eye ring will suit him amazingly and help him overcome extreme popularity he’s been receiving.

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