Elan Ruspoli is a capable agent who has served for the LA-based creative artists’ agency, the CAA. He is one of those ambitious guys who got into light after marrying Jacqueline, one of the most successful actresses. As a result, Ruspoli is often seen as the ‘celebrity husband.’ Whenever he walks down the carpet along with his wife, he never fails to grab the attention with his bright and innocent smile.

Ruspoli always seems to be having sparkling bright eyes filled with dreams and ambitions. They don’t sparkle for him alone; in fact, they shine along with the dreams of his children and his beautiful wife. The best part about him is that he walks beside her as a proud husband who loves to see his wife flourish. Before we dig in more about him, have a look at a few of his quick facts enlisted below.

Quick Facts
Full NameElan Ruspoli
ProfessionAgent in CAA
Birth DateAugust 21, 1985
Birth PlaceBeverly Hills, California
Net Worthapproximate $500k
Marital StatusMarried
WifeJacqueline Macinnes Wood
Height5ft 10 inches
Weightapproximate 80kgs

When and Where Was Elan Born?

Ruspoli was born on the 21st of August in the year 1985. Moreover, he is an American who descends from the Italian antecedents. He grew up in one of the most breathtaking cities of California, .i.e, the Beverley Hills. Ruspoli was born there and grew up beside his parents. His early life descends from the captivating point of California.

He is an Italian American who is a Christian and a Leo. His zodiac defines him as one filled with energy, love, innocence, and enthusiasm. The only weakness the zodiac leaves him with is his arrogance. But, in none of the public appearances, Ruspoli has ever shown his arrogance or an ill attitude. Instead, he always seems to be smiley and happy. However, not much about his early life has come to light yet.

Who Are His Family Members?

He seems to have a special place in his heart for this place as his childhood was well spent and jolly. Unfortunately, the name of his parents or siblings hasn’t come to the public yet. However, sources say that his family members are Charlotte, Rafael Arviv, Lisa Zepeda, Atlas Hurley, and James Mannino.

From Where Elan Ruspoli Gained Education?

The educational background of Ruspoli isn’t much public. However, he completed his primary education at Beverly Hills High School. Furthermore, he graduated from the University of Southern California. Other than that, information related much more about his education is unknown.

What Does Elan Ruspoli Do For Living?

The initial phase of Ruspoli’s life since he started paving his paths is unknown. However, as mentioned above, he is working as a full-time agent for the Creative Artists Agency. So, the company’s major objective is to provide job opportunities to people based on their level of competency and interests. Nothing further is known about his career, as he has always kept his professional life quite private.

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Who is Elan Ruspoli Married to?

After getting married to a Canadian actress, Jacqueline Macinnes Wood, the celebrity husband got entitled to him. Also, she is two years younger than him. However, the age difference fails to show when the couple spends time together.

These lovebirds never fail to delight the audience with their best-friend-like bond. They are one of those happily married couples who appreciate each other’s existence in their lives. They engaged in 2017 and married in July in the year 2018. Also, that’s the time of his life where he started getting into light as he married one of the most popular actresses in Canada.

Do The Couple Have Kids?

Moreover, Ruspoli is a father of two of his lovely children already, namely, Rise and Lenix. In addition, they have been expecting their third child. In addition, Jacqueline shared this beautiful moment with the public on her Instagram. Moreover, the couple often flaunts their relationship on her Instagram page with catchy captions showing their deep love.

Has Elan Ruspoli been into any recent news?

Not long ago, Ruspoli was introduced as a partner in the WME for the talent department. Furthermore, he has worked with various other clients like Daniel Kaluuya, Luke Wilson, Dan Stevens, and much more. However, he hasn’t been into any rumors or controversies yet.

Is Elan Ruspoli active on social medias?

So far, Ruspoli is nowhere to be found except for Instagram. Moreover, he goes with a total follower count of 7.2k. His account is private yet still popular. He doesn’t seem to be that active on social media. However, his wife keeps up with many updates about him on her social media handles.

What is the Net Worth of Elan Ruspoli?

Ruspoli, the CAA agent, sums up with a total net worth of $500k so far. In addition, he has a car, a mansion, and luxurious items brought into his household. Also, his involvement in the CAA has been since 2007, where his monthly gatherings are around an approximate dollar of seventy-three thousand. His wife alone has a total net worth of a million dollars.

Ruspoli’s family has been doing well so far, both financially and professionally. Many other factors are yet to be given for calculation. However, they belong to a high-class family with a variant background.

What are His Body Measurements?

Elan Ruspoli stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall. Also, he weighs around 80 kilograms. In addition to this, he has a bicep measure of 21 inches. He has a strong physique with an appealing personality. So far, not much about his body measurements are known.

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