Draco Verta is a very young American actor and media personality. He is known for his roles on Math bites, Love at Christmas table, and Crown for Christmas. His innocent looks may fool you into feeling that he is very young. Well, he is not so young for acting. Verta inherited his confidence and his looks from his parents. His parents are of Mexican nationality from the name, and he is an American. Moreover, being born in a family of stars, his mother is an excellent actor and a successful producer. However, dad in the other hand, has a different story.

His dad Mike Verta is a successful composer. Even though there are not enough details about his life, it is hard to pinpoint certain things. Things like his very first movie that ever worked in his primary schools are the things that are kept private. Moreover, he is just 12 years old. Maybe his parents want to keep a level of privacy for him. Certainly, after some years, we will have more of his movies. So until Let us take a look at the known facts and information about Draco Verta.

Draco Verta Age: How Old Is he? How Does He Celebrates His Birthday?

Quick Facts
Full NameDraco Verta
Date of BirthSeptember 7, 2010
Net worth100k
Height3 feet
Zodiac SignVirgo
Hair ColorBrown
Eye colorBlack
Draco Verta
Draco Verta in waiting room Via Instagram

How Old is Draco Verta?

The actor’s full name is Draco McKellar Verta. Moreover, his parents have not shared details about his birthplace or birthtime. His birth date seems to be September 7, 2010. As of 2022, He is 12 years old. His nationality is American, but his ethnicity is mixed. Furthermore, Draco Verta seems to be the only child of Mike Verta and Danica Verta. He is related to his famous cousin Crystal Mckellar, known for her amazing role in “The Wonder Years.”

All You Need To Know About His Dad Mike Verta

Where did Verta Study?

Draco’s educational information is kept private to maintain his privacy. Since his parents have not revealed his birthplace, it’s hard to pinpoint where he studied. As of his age, he might be studying in a primary school in any part of America. Draco Verta is not homeschooled and was seen several times going to school with his mom. Moreover, we are waiting for his mom to reveal which grades he studies in. We guess he might be studying in 6th or 7th grade at the moment.

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How did Draco Verta Start his Acting Career?

“Becoming famous just after you are born” sounds to fall, to be honest, right? Well, not for Draco Verta. His parents were already semi-successful directors, producers, and composers. So, getting him into the film business was not that much of a headache. He was the first cast at the age of 2 years. His first television movie was Love at the Christmas table. Since he was just two at the time, he acted like a baby at the party for the movie.

Draco Verta
Draco Verta working pose Via Instagram

If you think that’s where he stopped his acting, not he didn’t. After two years of his first actions, he was cast in an episode of the Math Bites television series. Draco played his role as a toddler singing the quadratic formula in the episode of Do math in your head. Moreover, he nearly finished over five movies and telefilms throughout eight years.

However, Verta seems to have stopped acting from his last feature in Christmas at Grand Valley. Maybe his parents realized that it was better for him not to act this time. Being 24-hours in front of a camera not only hurts one’s mentality. They can also lose their innocent childhood because of the same cause. After his last movie in 2018, he was not seen in smaller or bigger screen media. Maybe he plans to make a comeback or lay low for a little while. Well, that’s the thing only his parents know.

Does Verta have an Instagram?

The 12-year-old celeb doesn’t have his own Instagram account. Moreover, even his mother doesn’t seem to be using Instagram either. On the other hand, his dad Mike uses Instagram with the username @mikeverta. So if you want to know more about Draco, you can follow his dad. In addition, Mike often shares about his son and his family on his Instagram.

Draco Verta
Draco Verta with his uncle and aunt Via Instagram

How much is Draco Verta Net Worth?

The net worth of a 12-year-old celeb who has not appeared in the movie for five years is hard to calculate. However, when Draco Verta became popular, he seemed to have earned a wealth of around 100 thousand.

What is the Height of Draco Verta?

Draco Verta seems to be standing at the height of 3 feet tall with a weight of 20kg. His real eye color is black, and his hair color is dark brown. Moreover, from his birthdate and his time of birth, it seems his zodiac sign is Virgo.

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