One of our favorite celebrities that we keep forgetting about is news anchors. Not only do they occur every day on the television media, but they also provide us with the vital facts required for our daily life. Similarly, today we have the opportunity to talk more about the popular CNBC anchor, Deirdre Bosa. Deirdre Bosa is a popular American news journalist who is famous for her work as a tech reporter. 

Even though she is a popular CNBC anchor, there is little information regarding her life. Due to this reason, many people find it hard to learn more about the popular CNBC anchor. Hence, we have dedicated this entire coverage to her name so you can learn more about her career and other details. Today we will learn everything about herself, who is known as the CNBC Tech check anchor.

Quick Facts
NameDeirdre Bosa
Age37 years old
Date of BirthUnknown
Place of BirthUSA
RelationshipMarried to Darryl Bosa
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye colorDark Brown
Height5.7 inches
Net Worth$800k

Deirdre Bosa
Deirdre Bosa, while anchoring Via CNBC

How old is Deirdre Bosa? 

As of 2022, some may believe that she’s around 37 years old. Her exact age is still unknown. We have to assume this particular fact because we don’t have enough information about her birth date. Even though we don’t know about her birthday, it seems that her nationality is American. She was also born in the hands of her American parents. However, we could not find anything about her parent’s and siblings names. 

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Where did Bosa receive her education? 

It is very true that to become a popular CNBC anchor; you need to be educated. This is the reason why CNBC chose her because of her qualification. As far as the details about her education are concerned, she has not revealed anything yet. However, we know that she finished her primary and secondary education at her local San Francisco schools and colleges. Furthermore, she might have attended a reputed university for her bachelor’s degree. 

Where is Deirdre Bosa? 

Even though she is a popular news anchor for a Canadian television channel, she seems to do most of her work by living back in her house in San Francisco. She covers different things about tech and others by living in San Francisco and gathering information from her local and international sources. When she wraps her news and other tech-related activities, you can see that her channel mentions that she is in San Francisco. 

Deirdre Bosa
Deirdre Bosa with her host mate Via Twitter

Who is Deirdre Bosa husband? 

Even though Deirdre Bosa never revealed anything about her details for a long time. People finally learned that she was married to her husband, Darryl Bosa. Even though they were speculated to be dating around 2013, the couple finally exchanged their vows in 2014.

As of now, they have a beautiful child together named Hiro, who was born back on December 18, 2015. Even though they are already blessed with their first child, they are soon planning to have the second one. 

Does Deirdre have her own Instagram account? 

Even though we searched the entire platform to learn more about her account, it seems that she doesn’t have her personal Instagram page. However, if you want to find her on social media, you can find her on Twitter under the username @dee_bosa.

Since she doesn’t have an Instagram page, she reveals details like her wedding and other photos on her Twitter instead. We also learned that she was pregnant in the first place through Twitter. If you are someone who wants to know more about herself, we suggest you follow her Twitter instead.

Deirdre Bosa
Deirdre Bosa and her husband Via Twitter

What is Deirdre Bosa Net Worth? 

Journalists do earn a pretty good amount of money when it comes to becoming news anchors. Even though she has never revealed any details about her net worth, her network is around $800k, with an expected salary of $80,000 monthly.

Keep in mind that this is the rough estimation of what she earns in a year. She might also make more than what we have written in this section. She also earns her money by becoming an advertiser for the company by Advertising their Tech products on CNBC. Apart from this, Bosa and her husband, Darryl, own a big mansion house.

How long are Deirdre Bosa legs? 

We certainly don’t have enough information about the height of our legs. However, it seems that she is a pretty tall individual with a height of 5 feet and seven inches. Her size then is followed by a body weight of 62 kilograms. She resembles a typical Caucasian facial structure with light brown hair and dark brown eyes. Finally, due to less information about her birth date, we could not find anything about her Zodiac sign. 

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