Dave Salmoni is an animal trainer and entertainer. Also, he is a producer. He has his own production company known as Triosphere. Triosphere focuses on the crazy wildlife in southern Africa. Not only does it show the true nature of the deep jungle and but also life beyond the towns and cities.

Hosting TV shows like Living with the tigers, Rogue Nature, Animal face-off, he became a sensation doing activities others could only imagine. Moreover, this also attracted critics in his mind-blowing documentaries for putting animal welfare before entertainment. However, he clearly stated he did not use animals for mere entertainment purposes but educational purposes.

Quick Info
Birth year September 4, 1975
Birth PlaceSarnia, Ontario, Canada
Height6 feet 3 inches
Weight100 kgs
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBrown
Net worth1 million $- 3 million $
Sun sign Virgo

Early Life

Dace Salmoni took birth on September 4, 1975, in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, to Canadian parents. His mother is a figure skater. Also, she coaches figure skating. On the other hand, his father is a chemical physicist. This encouraged him to develop his interest and love for wildlife. His ethnicity is Caucasian. His sun sign is Virgo.

He has an elder brother and a younger sister, making him the middle child of the family. During his childhood, he had a lot of pets. He adored them a lot.


Dave, as he was fond of wildlife, he did zoology from Laurentin University in Ontario. Here he wrote a thesis on Alaskan black bears. This undergraduate thesis tracked their hibernation pattern.

Moreover, Salmoni attended Vocational School, Bowmanville Zoological Park, Northern Collegiate Institute. Furthermore, he was involved in the Chemical Immobilization of Wildlife and the elk relocation project in a certain station for the Ministry of Natural Resources.


Dave Salmoni has an interesting career. While living in Canada, he started his career in Bowmanville Zoological Park as an animal mentor. After some time leaving Canada, he moved to Southern Africa for a Tiger “rewilding” project.

Interesting fact, he came up with a reality show After the attack, after getting attacked by one of his cats. The cat was a 500-pound male African lion. After Bongo attacked him in August 1999, he came up with the show and explained what behavior could trigger this. Also, dealing with surviving victims and post-attack psychological traumas.

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TV shows

Salmoni has appeared in tons of TV shows and documentaries. He continues his adventure with After the Attack (2008). Then again, he starts some other shows such as Expedition Impossible (2011) and an amazing documentary film, Brothers in Blood: The Lions of Sabi Sand (2015).

Now he has already made a trademark for himself. In 2016 he began his other project Pet Nation Renovation (2016-2017). His latest works are The Wendy Williams Show (2018) and Big, Small & Deadly (2019).

Personal Life

Although being an influencer, Salmoni keeps his personal life private. He married Debra Salmoni in 2015. On June 13, he married the HGTV personality. Furthermore, they actually dated two years before making vows. They had a son in their first year of marriage. Thomas was born in August. Additionally, they have a daughter now, and her name is Elizabeth.

Although the couple has an age difference of 10 years, they make a wonderful pair. Debra is also the owner of her own design company, which goes by Debra Lillian Design. These two share a lovely relationship.

Social Media

Dave is, of course, active on social media. However, he wouldn’t keep his fans hanging there. His Facebook account(Dave Salmoni) has 70k followers. His Facebook page is quite knowledgeable for animal lovers.

You should definitely check out his Instagram account(@realdavesalmoni), with 56.5k followers as of 2021. Here he posts pictures and videos of himself and his animal, which is quite gruesome, to be honest. Salmoni is also an active Twitter(@davesalmoni) member with 98.8k followers.

Net Worth

Dave has been accumulating wealth quite a lot since 2016. However, critics keep trying to bring him down. However, he keeps bouncing back up higher. His estimated net worth as of 2021 is 1 million$-3 million$.

It’s not surprising as he has been in wildlife entertainment for nearly 3 decades of his life. Moreover, an animal trainer job is as hard as you might think, that too a wildlife one. A wildlife animal trainer earns 25k$-35$.

Physical appearance

Obviously, taming a lion, tiger, or bear is no easy task. He must be up to the task. Weighing about 100kgs, Dave Salmoni has a height of 6 feet 3 inches. His eyes are blue with brown hair. He maintains his body through some fitness activities.

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