Darren Barnet, aka Paxton Hall Yoshida of the popular teen series, Never Have I Ever, is a fitness freak, and many audiences want to know Darren Barnet Height. Looking at many recent pictures with Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, it’s a controversial topic that Devi and Paxton are of the same height. In recent images published after season 3 of Never Have I Ever, Barnet is rumored to be as tall as Maitreyi Ramakrishnan.

In Never Have I Ever, Devi was seen drooling over Paxton’s attractive looks in season 1. Since then, his physical attributes, notably his height, have been a hot issue. Read the following article to find out how tall Barnet is.

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Darren Barnet Height
Devi drooling over Barnet’s body in Never Have I Ever

Darren Barnet Height exposed!!

In 2022, Darren Barnet is currently about 30 years old, but his size and shape are remarkable, and he puts a lot of effort into it. Darren Barnet is approximately 5.10 feet tall, while some websites give different heights by a few inches. Never Have I Ever Paxton has wowed everyone with his perfect features and physique making majority “TEAM PAXTON”.

With a reported weight of 165 lbs, Barnet has a stunning physique and attractive appearance that complements his height of 178 cm, which happens to be 1.78m. Barnet and Ramakrishnan only have a height difference of about 15cm, and fans still confuse them to be of the same height.

Darren Barnet Height
Darren Barnet flexing his muscular body

He is highly concerned about his health and sticks to a strict diet, although he is a vegan and has a rigorous exercise routine. He has a very sexy and muscular body which makes him very attractive, and this fitness freak goes to the gym five times a week. Darren has biceps of 16 inches. His chest size is 44 inches, and his waist is 35 inches.

Barnet is more desirable for modeling and brand promotion because of his honey brown eyes and proper physique. Many female audiences are big fans of him. And even male audiences find him very hot and want to have a body like him.

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How has his height affected his acting career?

Darren Barnet Height and physique have always positively affected his acting career. Because he is young, handsome and attractive, he plays many roles in various movies and television series. He also looks young for his age, which is an advantage for him. However, many viewers still think that he is silly to play the role of a high schooler.

Darren has done an amazing job in multiple episodes of Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles, contributing to the voiceover. He also has played in My True Fairytale, Family Reunion, Instakiller, Girls’ Rule, Trunt, Mr. Machine etc. He earns a lot of money for all his works, and the audiences love him.

Darren Barnet Height
Barnet with other cast members of Girl’s Rule

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