Popular by the role of Matty McKibben from the TV show AwkwardBeau Mirchoff has indeed created a separate brand for himself. He is an award-winning actor, stage entertainer, and producer who originates from the United States of America. Just like his personality and extraordinary charm in his movies and TV shows, people also wanted to know about Beau Mirchoff Wife and his dating status. 

Beau Mirchoff opened his eyes on the 13th of January, 1989, on an auspicious day of Friday in Seattle, Washington DC. However, he was raised and spent his childhood in a very caring environment in his family’s home in Victoria, Canada. Mirchoff’s father, Bill Mirchoff and mother, Kelley Mirchoff, were highly well stable and wealthy. As a result, the little boy and future star soon get the green flag to start his career in acting.

Is Beau Mirchoff Gay? Who is He Dating? Learn About His Sexuality

Beau Mirchoff Wife
Beau Mirchoff And His Fiancée Jenny Meinen

Mirchoff landed his first role in the movie Bubbly Stiltskin and then played the supporting role of Robbie Ryan in Scary Movie 4. Critics have loved and prayed both of his initial works. Soon, he becomes a star in Hollywood with some hit projects like The Grudge 3, Desperate Housewives; I am Number Four, Awkward, and The Secret Lives of Darks. People love him for his natural acting skills and a hunger to always present a better version of himself. Let’s find some inside story about Beau Mirchoff Wife and Current lifestyle.

What is Beau Mirchoff’s Relationship Status?

Beau Mirchoff, a popular actor and TV star is currently spending his sweetest holidays in Paris. He has been in a relationship with a gorgeous Psychologist, Girlfriend Jenny Meinen, since 2020. However, Beau came to know about Jenny when she became appointed as a psychiatrist for Beau. Together the pair has spent many years being perfect friends. 

But soon, their heart started beating in the same sync leading Beau to kneel on his knees with a diamond ring in his hands. Beau Mirchoff proposed to his girlfriend for the marriage while enjoying their romantic trip to Paris. He smiled with a nervous tone of his voice and asked Jenny if she could marry him. Beau proposed to her in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Beau Mirchoff Wife
Beau Mirchoff Proposed To Jenny Meinen infront of Eiffel Tower

After getting a green signal from Jenny, the pair shared a romantic quote on his Instagram Post saying, “The Love of My Life Said Oui.” The love birds also shared some beautiful images of smiling and kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower, showing off thier engagement rings.

Is Beau Mirchoff Married?

Beau Mirchoff is in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Jenny Meinen. He is not married yet but engaged to his future wife, Jenny Meinen. However, both Beau and Jenny will soon exchange thier wedding vows after the end of 2022. Both shares a perfectly matched bonding and togetherness with one another.

In one of the posts on Jenny’s IG, she revealed some pictures of her boyfriend saying her soon-to-be husband. The to-be married couple celebrated their one-year togetherness in 2021. Mirchoff also poured out his feelings with the caption, “We’ve lived in a trailer, we’ve weathered a Pandemic, we bought a horse….and now we live together”. 

Short-Lived Relationship With Ashley Rickard!

Before Jenny Meinen, Good Trouble star Beau Mirchoff dated his co-actress, Ashley Rickard. The ex-sweethearts met on the set of the TV show Awkward and eventually in a dating relationship for quite a while.

Beau Mirchoff Wife
Beau Mirchoff and Ashley Rickards

Fans used to love their bonding and both on-and-off screen chemistry. But unfortunately, Ashley and Beau broke up soon after some months of dating and also they were not able to take their love to a married relationship.

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