Gemma Beason

Gemma Beason is popular as the daughter of famous American celebrities Catherine Bell and Adam Beason. Being the daughter of famous movie stars has opened several doors for Gemma. Her parents have already gained huge fame and a little of that has been passed to Gemmas as well. Even though her parents are no longer […]

Itzan Escamilla

If you love watching NetFlix series, you might have seen Itzan Escamilla in the NetFlix series titled, Elite. He has been famous as the mead face of this series since Season 1. Since then he has also appeared in several more series gaining huge fame worldwide. Itzan Escamilia is a Spain-born actor famous for his […]

Gino Anthony Pesi

Gino Anthony Pesi is a famous American actor, producer, and writer. He is best known for his appearance in the NBC series titled, Shades of Blue. Besides the artist has also appeared in several other major and minor projects. Anthony has gained a huge fanbase and fame on the internet since his debut as a Police Officer […]

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