Joanna Shimkus is the widow of the Oscar-winning actor Sidney Poitier. Her husband recently died at the age of 94 on January 6, 2022. The Canadian film actress was not Poitier’s first wife. Poitier was previously in a marital bond with Juanita Hardy. Rumors suggest Shimkus came between Poitier and Hardy. Joanna is the mother of two of her children with her late husband, Sidney Poitier. Furthermore, the actress has four step-children. Four of the step-children are from her husband’s previous wife. All of the step-children are elder than Shimkus’s blood-bound children. So, are Joanna Shimkus Children on good terms with their half-siblings?

Amidst this, there runs a question of how the fortune will get divided. Joanna Shimkus Children are in the entertainment industry. Does this create a clash among them? Once, there was a rumor that the Peltier children were not on good terms. We will find the factual truth in this session. This could be a reason for favoritism and dispute among the step-siblings. Let’s take a good dig and bring out all the filtered facts. Moreover, one of the six siblings has testes for death, unfortunately already. Furthermore, let’s know about the genders of the step-siblings as well.

Who Is The Mother Of Sidney Poitier Children?

Juanita Hardy is the first wife of the Oscar-winning actor Sidney Poitier. She was the founder and manager of Tiger Management Consultant Group. She is the mother of Joanna Shimkus’s step-children. Furthermore, Juanita was on a marital bond with Sidney for fifteen years. The couple shared children before Poitier started an affair with Joanna. Hence, Poitier’s first love, Juanita, is the mother of Shimkus’s half-children.

How Many Children Does Joanna Shimkus Have?

Shimkus shares two children with her late husband, Sidney Poitier. Both of the children are girls. And their names are; Anika Poitier and Sydney Tamiia Poitier. Additionally, both of her daughters are in the entertainment industry. Anika is a famous film director and actress. Likewise, Sydney is not an unknown name in the industry. Sydney is a favorite American Television Actress. Now, even Sydney is a mother to A’zalia Delancey Coffey.

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How Many Step-Children Does Joanna Have?

Joanna Shimkus has four step-children. All four of them are girls Poitier had with Juanita. Namely, Sherri, Gina, Beverly Poitier Henderson, and Pamela Poitier are the daughters. All of the daughters are grown and in their lanes. The daughters do not live with Joanna, nor do they live with Juanita. None of them are married and do not have any kids.

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How Is the Term of Joanna Shimkus Children With Their Step-Siblings?

Joanna never co-parented her step-children. Thus, her children did not get to share a life. Nevertheless, the sisters have a good bond with each other. Sydney and Pamela are often out together. Even though they are half-siblings, they never make it affect their bond. All of the sisters are in the entertainment industry one way or another. This creates a good bridge between them.

They often gather together to celebrate festivities. Other than that, the sisters meet for lunch and dinners pretty often. The half-siblings stand firm with each other at such trying times. The unfortunate demise of their father knit their bond even tighter. They show affection for each other on various platforms too. Hence, Joanna’s children are on excellent terms with their step-siblings.

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How Is Joanna’s Relationship With Her Step-Chidren?

Joanna shares a commendable bond with her step-children. The children call her Mama Jean and term her as their second mother. But, Joanna never parented her step-children; she spends plenty of time with them. Moreover, on every holiday, the family comes together. The actress treats all of the daughters equally and loves them dearly. Hence, it is safe to say that Shimkus has a perfect bond with her step-children.

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Is One Of Joanna Shimkus Children Dead?

Not Joanna’s but Juanita’s daughter, Gina Poltier, has already passed away. Unfortunately, Gina passed away on May 27, 2018, at 57. She was Juanita’s youngest and Poitier’s fourth child. Gina was loved dearly by Joanna too. Her death was unfortunate, and every half-sibling attended the funeral. The date depicts their bond very well.

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