Amanda Berry is a talented young woman. She landed in this beautiful world with loving and caring parents. In her middle age, she disappeared. Later it came to know that Ariel Castro had kidnaped her. Ariel is a school diver and the father of Berry’s friend.

Berry is a strong and brave girl. Around ten years, she was under the control of Kidnapper Castro in his prison. Along with her, there are two other women in Castro prison named Michelle Knight and Gina Dejesusshe. Later it came to know that due to the help of certain neighbors, they are easily released and free from a kidnapper.

Name Amanda Berry
Date of Birth April 22, 1986
Birth place Ohio
Age 36
Martial Status Single
Nationality American
Net Worth $14 million

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What is Amanda Berry Age?

Thirty-six-year-old Amanda was born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America. During her adult period, she used to work in Burger King restaurants around her place. One night when she returned home after completing her work in the middle of the road, she inexplicably vanished. Morever, there is no more information regarding her parents, brother or other siblings.

Amanda Berry
Amanda Berry escaped from the prison of Ariel

Where did Amanda Berry receive her Education?

Due to Berry’s kidnapping, she cannot complete her higher study. After the rescue from Kidnapper Amanda and DeJesus, they completed their higher studies at John Marshall High School. Unfortunately, there is no educational information about Michelle knight.

What had happened in the white two-story house?

The sad story of the kidnapping of Amanda Berry begins on April 21, 2003, before her 17th birthday. On that day, the school driver Castro ask her for a home ride. He took Berry in a white, two-story house on Seymour Avenue. After some time, Ariel starts to show her his house. While she reached upstairs, she saw an unknown woman sleeping in the bedroom.

Later she learned that she was Michelle Knight, and she was the first prisoner of Ariel. After that, he took Berry to the next bedroom and started to show unusual sexual behavior. Castro used to rape Amanda daily; as a result, she started counting how many times he had raped her. Amanda was her second prisoner of Ariel. (

Amanda Berry
White house of kidnaper Areil Castro Image Source: ABC11

Who was the third prisoner of Castro?

Similarly, on April 2, 2004, he brought his third prisoner Gina DeJesus.At that time, she has just turned 14 years. Moreover, she was a friend of Castro’s daughter, Arlene. Castro took Gina DeJesus into the same white house where Michelle Knight and Amanda were staying. Furthermore, he touches stuff and chains her up like the other two. Ariel Castro kidnapped Michelle knight Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, respectively.

Does Amanda Berry have Kids?

On her 20th birthday, Berry realizes that she might be pregnant. Finally, in 2006 her kid Jocelyn landed in this world. She was born on the occasion of  Christmas. Later from the DNA report, it came to know that Jocelyn was the daughter of Ariel Castro. Amanda kept her daughter out of the spotlight, but she gave updates on television interviews regarding her daughter.

Who is Amanda Berry Husband?

Amanda Berry is unmarried. Moreover, she is not in a relationship with anyone. Recently Berry has been enjoying her single life. Although, after being raped several times, she was pregnant, she didn’t marry Ariel Castro, who had raped her. Furthermore, she is alone, and there is no more information regarding her relationship.

What is Amanda doing right now?

After releasing from Ariel Castro’s prison, Berry and DeJesus are friends, while Michelle Knight is away from her former fellow captives. Berry currently works with a local news station covering missing children and adults in the Cleveland area. Besides that, Berry has not participated in a movie, but based on Ariel Castro’s kidnapping movie has been released.

Amanda Berry
Amanda, Gina, Michelle. image source: A&E

Is Amanda active on social media?

Amanda is active on social media platforms. She works in television. Moreover, Berry has an Instagram account and a Twitter account. There are different unofficial Instagram and Twitter accounts of Amanda. Furthermore, she is a private person. Amanda did not share her personal information on any statement or on social media.

What is Amanda Berry Net Worth?

Berry is an energetic woman. Her main source of income is television. Moreover, she has earned some money from the movie  Cleveland abduction. Her estimated net worth is around $18 Million. Apart from this, she has collected wealth from different television shows.

What is Amanda Berry Height?

Amanda is a good-looking girl. From her photo, we can say that she stands at average height. Moreover, there is no information regarding her weight. Furthermore, we knew that her hair color was blonde and the color of her eyes dark brown.

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