Allie DiMeco was one of the most popular faces in the early 2000 era TV. Her character Rosalina in the show “The Naked Brothers Band” was widely loved by TV audiences. She recently made a comeback on TV by appearing on popular TV reality shows “Ex On The Beach” and “Temptation Island.”

When it comes to child actors, there is almost a set pattern as they grow older: loads of attention, fame, money coupled with lack of privacy and constant pressure drives many child actors to the brink of disaster in their social lives. Rarely do we find child actors that hit the sweet spot of fame and social peace as adults. Allie DiMeco, one of the cutest faces in the early 2000s TV, is one of those rare celebrities.

Allie DiMeco was one of the most popular faces in the early 2000 era TV. Her character Rosalina in the show “The Naked Brothers Band” was widely loved by TV audiences. Today we will find where she is now and dig a bit deeper into her on and off-screen life.

Quick Facts
NameAlexandra Jean Theresa DiMeco
BirthdateJune 12, 1992
Height 5 ft2 in (159 cms)
EthnicityKorean, Italian
Dating statusSingle
Net worth$200,000 to $300,000


Unfortunately, tragedy struck early in life as she lost her father when she was barely three years old. Out of respect for her family’s privacy, she doesn’t talk much about her father or her family life in the public sphere. However, it is quite evident that her mother, Laura DiMeco, has been a firm influence in her life.


She went to her hometown school of Holy Cross High School, situated in the West End of Waterbury. After her High School graduation, Allie moved out to Miami, Florida, and joined Florida International University. She has a BA in Communication Arts, BS in Journalism, an MS in Communication under International Relations.


Allie was introduced to the world of acting, movies, and TV at the age of five years when she was scouted for a role in the movie “The Naked Brothers Band.” She starred in the role of Rosalina, the fictional love interest of Nat Wolff, the lead singer of the band The Silver Boulders, around which the movie revolves. Later, she reprised her role as Rosalina in Nickelodeon’s TV series of the same name.

Apart from the hit The Naked Brothers Band, she has also made guest appearances on The David Letterman Show, SNL, The View, and The Today Show. In 2019, she became a part of the reality television program “Temptation Island” broadcast by FOX and USA Network. Later in 2020, she joined another reality TV show, Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love.


Allie has always been a very private person about her familial and relationship issues. However, there were rumors of her and her co-star Nat Wolff dating, to which she resoundingly said no during a live stream posted on YouTube. During 2012/2013, she did have a boyfriend named Manny J Bustillos. But they later broke up.

The only being she seems to be committed to a relationship with is her dog named Kinny. She has always been a huge dog lover, and this is her second dog after her first Mini Schnauzer named Chloe died.

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Allie, like a true early 90s kid, has always been quite active on social media. She is quite active on Twitter as @AllieJDee and has 19.1k followers and tweets quite regularly regarding her life, different TV shows, and music. On Facebook, she is present as Miss Allie DiMeco. But, unsurprisingly, she is most famous on Instagram as @missalliedimeco, where she regularly turns up the heat with her sizzling photos for her 60.2k followers.


Allie DiMeco was barely 5 years old when she debuted on the silver screen as Rosalina in the film “The Naked Brothers Band.” Her mother managed her finances, and it is tough to estimate how much she earned from the film. But reports say that, on average, she got paid $1,200 per week during filming.

She has made guests appearances on many talk shows as well as popular reality TV shows. “Temptation Island,” however, doesn’t actually pay the contestants but gives them an all-paid free vacation during the filming process. On the other hand, “Ex on the Beach” pays $1,000 per week apart from in-show expenses.

Allie DiMeco is quite popular on Instagram, and she keeps on lighting the feeds of her followers on fire with her sizzling posts. She does get paid for brand sponsorship and endorsement.

Overall her total net worth is estimated to be between $200,000 to $300,000.

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